10 May 2010

Happy Mother's Day 2010

I can't believe that three years ago I was sitting around waiting for Jackson to make his entrance. My mom had already come to Alaska to wait with me in case Jack was early, as the story goes, no such luck! Her I am Mother's Day 2007- already three days overdue! We were headed out to a Mother's Day Brunch.

Jackson didn't come until 6 days after this picture and I can't believe he will be three in 9 days!
We had a great Mother's Day this year, Jackson made me breakfast(with a little help:)), we went to church and then home for some gifts and cards. I got a cute coffee mug from Jackson and a quilt rack from Ryan. We had a slow afternoon and then we went to Cracker Barrel for dinner! It was a nice day!!

02 March 2010

Our new house in Texas (mostly done!!)

Entry way

Jackson's Bathroom

Kitchen and Back door


Guest room

Desk/Office Area

Our bedroom

Our Bathroom

Laundry Area

Jackson's room


Dining room

Living room

And again !

Well, We have been in the house one month today and all the boxes are gone and most everything has a spot! I guess we can call it settled in!!

12 February 2010

Pictures from our cross country drive

The pictures are backwards but you get the idea! We travelled alot to get here but we are glad for a new chapter in our lives!

11 February 2010

We're in texas!

We arrived in Texas after our vacation/moving across country on the 30th of January. We got very lucky and moved into a brand new renovated house on Feb 2nd and our stuff was delivered the next day. We have spent the time since then organizing , unpacking and shopping for our new house!

I will attach pics soon as we are finally getting things to their final destination and now onto decorating!
Today it snowed and i believe it is still snowing as we were supposed to get between 5 and 8 inches! I really thought I left the snow behind in Alaska but I think it followed us here!!!

21 December 2009

Saying our goodbyes...

I think one of the hardest things is saying goodbye to friends that I have made over the years here! When other people leave you are sad but also glad that they are getting out and excited for their new adventures. When you leave there is excitement but also the great unknown!! One of those is will I find new friends... and will they be as awesome as those who I am leaving here!
Over the few weeks we have started to say goodbye to friends as they have left for vacations or just knowing that with the holidays coming we may not see them again. They have been the hardest!!!

We said goodbye to the McClure's a few weeks back at my surprise going away party. I have only known her since February but it seems like alot longer! She also has a 2 year old son and actually moved here from Sheppard- which is where we are going too. It has been so much fun hanging out with them and watching Jackson and Ashur become VERY good friends!! They left for vacation so we took pics then!

I also had my last event with the Enlisted Spouses Club without whom I would probably still be lost within the military and on the base! They have been my "family" for the last four years!!! Some of them have been with me since my first meeting and I will miss them greatly. We had our Christmas Party last weekend and it was hard saying goodbye to some of the ladies!

The last group I will say goodbye to over the next few days is my playgroup which has helped these last few months go by quickly. We also had our Christmas party last week and Santa came and gave out gifts. Jackson wasn't to sure at first but was talking Santa's ear off by the end.